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days. and d.c. police are expected to resume using breathalyzer machines to test blood alcohol levels. problems with reliability of machines has been fixed. >> it's going the be scientifically administers as opposed to lay people responsible for breast testing. >> reporter: reaction to the testifier laws? >> that incentive is the financial incentive. but it will be a deterrent. >> you are putting others at risk. if you take that risk you should have a harsher punishment. >> reporter: there are tougher penalties for repeat offenders. jim rosenfield, news4. jim and wendy? >>> it has been a calm night outside in the atmosphere but the threat of thunderstorms will be intensifying this week. doug is tracking the changes. >> we are looking a at beautiful night right now. currently at 79 degrees. winds out of the southeast at 8 miles an hour. it is gorgeous out there right now. we had couple of thundershowers and thunderstorms that developed during the day today. just a few left over in the blue ridge. but over the next couple days that threat is going to be on the increase. i'll show you wh
to bring you more information as it becomes available. again this teen rushed to the hospital. follow us at on twitter for the latest developments. back to you. >>> more breaking news in district heights maryland where black smoke was billowing into the sky after a fire at an apartment complex. shomari stone is there with more on this. shomari? >> reporter: this fire was so intense it took more than 100 firefighters to put it out. there are hot spots burning. i'm sitting on a curb with the other residents. they have been here for than three hours waiting to see what will happen to their apartment. the firefighters are still surveying all the damage and putting out hot spots and dozens of families are homeless right now. we are learning that this fire ripped through the building. >> how it spread like that. wow. >> reporter: tony adkinson made sure his neighbors were safe as his apartment building went up in flames in a matter of minutes. >> we ran inside the building and knocked on the doors to get everybody out. >> burned free for a long period of time before anyon
talked to us in hopes the story won't fade and that anyone could help police solve this case will come forward. >> do you believe she is still alive? >> yes. >> what makes you think that or just a hope? >> it's more like a feeling. >> reporter: breaking her silence for her first television interview the sister of robin gardner. she went missing in aruba under suspicious circumstances nearly one year ago. >> reporter: does it cross your mind that she met with foul play? or do you fry try to block that? >> i try to block that out. that's too hard for me to think of. >> reporter: gardner who lived in fred rick travelerick travel. he told authorities that she disappeared on a snorkeling trip. >> she didn't want to get her hair that she worked, an hour on, messed up. she didn't want to get her face messed up. so, you know, she would not have gone snorkeling. >> authorities held him for months as a suspect but released his without pressing charges. he is trying to claim a multimillion dollar life insurance policy he took out on gardner and was arrested on indecent exposure charge in annapoli
on the precedence this sets for the rest of the games. >> reporter: hi, jim. it was a big day for the u.s. especially in swimming. the united states won a gold medal, but not necessarily from the athlete who expected it. >> who's going to win olympic gold in the 400? >> reporter: in the so-called pool duel, ryan lochte won america's first gold winning the men's 400 meter individual medley by a full three seconds. >> i'm so happy. i have my family right there cheering for me. it's a dream come true. >> reporter: a big surprise, michael phelps barely qualified then ended up fourth. his worst finish in this race since he was a teenager. >> i have a lot of races, so i think the biggest thing now is putting this behind me and moving to the next one. >> reporter: phelps has six more chances to win two medals and become the world's most decorated olympian. in the women's 400 meter elizabeth beisel came in second representing america's tiniest state. >> i'm happy with the silver. it means a lot to me i can represent new england and rhode island. >> reporter: the u.s. earned bronze medals in swimm
. >>> up to two inches of rain fell in one hour. we begin with team coverage. doug will show us how much rain fell and what is out there. >> let's go to erika gonzalez live from one of the hardest hit areas in northwest washington. >> reporter: this area the road was just completely flooded. so much that cars were stuck in the middle of the road. let me show you. check out the water line here on this car. that is minimal. there were some cars where the line was about here and inside the vehicle at least three inches of standing water. but that is not the only example of how much rain came into this area. >> it's insane. >> reporter: a few choice words on how tonight's rain caught people off guard. on first street in northwest the roads flooded causing multiple cars, their owners and their pets to become stranded. >> the water was probly a little bit higher than my doors. >> reporter: katrina bueller was having dinner when it started to pour. >> i have important documents in the trunk of my car. i came running out here and tried to save what i could from the trunk. >> reporter: but the re
. erika gonzalez joins us from outside the wilson building with the latest. >> reporter: the issue tonight is whether or not mayor vincent gray knew about the shadow campaign. some council members are saying how could he not have known? it was $650,000. the mayor says it doesn't matter who asks for his resignation, he is not going anywhere. >> first of all, i'm not doing that. >> reporter: amidst the calls for resignation by three of his peers, the mayor is adamant about letting the facts evolve. >> are the walls closing in, sir that if you love the city you would do what's in the city's best interest and just step down. >> i am doing the job. >> reporter: it started with one. >> are you running with the foxes or the hounds? >> reporter: david catania says an apology and a resignation would be nice. >> it's time to step aside so we can have an ethical honest government and a chief executive who is not consumed with whether or not he is going to jail. >> reporter: within minutes, mary cheh was on board as well. >> we can't go forward with this huge cloud over us. it's too much to bear, actu
cover today. the storms stayed to the north and well to the south of us. but i do not think that will be the case tomorrow. i think temperatures will be a lot warmer tomorrow and that will provide a focal point for thunderstorms out there. some could be strong and maybe severe. we'll talk about when the storms may run in and how hot the temperatures could get tuesday and thursday. >>> officials in virginia want to recover some of the $27 million thain spent responding to that terrible storm at the end of june. 15 people died. more than 1 million customers lost power own several states. governor mcdonald is asking fema for help. they could reimburse expenses for activating extra emergency crews, opening shelters and removing debris. >>> police are looking for teenagers accused in a weekend hate crime that left a local yoga instructor in the hospital. michael hall and his boyfriend were headed home in northeast d.c. when they encountered the teens who started beating the couple up. another couple got them to safety and to howard university hospital where hall under went surger
for a cancer victim and began shooting. this is on 68th avenue and erika gonzalez joins us with details. >> reporter: we are on the 4700 block of 68th avenue. prince george's police arrived here and said a call came in saying that a man was getting out of his car when a suspect approached and opened fire. we were told that that man was transported to the hospital by someone not but authorities. his condition is critical yet stable. but what we have found out from witnesses on the scene is there was a candle light vigil going on for a person named rigo who was a cancer victim and a candle light vigil was going on when this person was getting out of his vehicle and was shot by the suspect. there were helicopters over the area. not sure if that was authorities looking for a gunman on the loose this evening. still trying to find out more information this evening. we are in landover hills on the 4700 block of 68th avenue where someone has been shot this evening and transported to a nearby hospital with a gunshot wound. we'll have more details as they develop. we're live tonight in landover h
. >>> the weekend is upon us, could storms be as well? i'm working on your forecast right now. >>> also, d.c. welcoming the olympics with parties all over town. we'll go back to london as dan talks to athletes about the opening ceremony. >>> good evening. >> i'm doreen gentzler. he called himself the joker. he threatened to shoot up his former coworkers, and police say he had an arsenal of weapons to back it up. tonight, a maryland man remains under psychiatric walk after an alleged plot is foiled. jamaree stone has the latest live. >> reporter: police say this is a real threat and stopped what could have been a massive shooting. tonight he's undergoing a mental evaluation at a hospital. according to court documents, he was fired. on monday, he called into the office and told an employee "i am a joker. i'm going to load up my guns and blow everybody up." >> if you call anybody and threaten to do harm, kill people, we're going to believe you, and we did. >> reporter: authorities did check a police database and found prescott owned more than a dozen guns. on thursday, police drove to his apa
the first lady and then pulled out a picture of the gun he said he would use on his phone. tourists are concerned about this allegation. >> i'm very concerned. >> there should be some type of disciplinary action. >> reporter: the department placed the officer on administrative duties. >> well, it's horrible that anybody would threaten our first lady. especially a metropolitan police officer. >> reporter: the police union chief won't comment. he says this is a criminal investigation. police won't release the name of the officer. outside the white house, i'm shamari stone, news 4. >> mayor gray accepts an award in public amid growing calls for his resignation. but then the mood changed from outside the wilson building as the mayor stands firm vowing to continue to work for the city. erica? >> well, doreen, it has been business as usual for the mayor going from one scheduled event to the next seemingly unravelled. well, almost. >> thank you all very much. >> reporter: major it was hard to miss the elephant in the room. >> reporter: at one point, a presenter ef to eer even told to hang
. people are told to boil any water used for drirpging or cooking. water pressure is low, and that can allow contaminants to enter the pipes. failure to boil water could lead to stomach or intestinal problems. >>> martin o'malley says that all pepco and bge crews are deployed and reinforcements are on the way driving from texas and florida. looking at the updated numbers now, pepco has 377,000 customers still in the dark. dominion has 340,000 outages. bge is working to fix 171,000 power problems. potomac edison has 15,000 outages in montgomery, howard and frederick counties. this video just into our newsroom shows a transformer fire. pat collins is in falls church, virginia where people are sitting in hot homes in the dark tonight. >> reporter: transformers exploding, that could be a step backwards in this power restoration effort. take a look behind me, this 7-eleven in the dark, shut down, when is the last time you saw a 7-eleven closed at 11:00. take a trip with me down popular drive. life without electricity. this is popular drive in falls church. it's loaded with popular trees. an
. the utility company has not told us how it will affect the estimates of restoration. >>> the frustration extended to metro passengers. hundreds of people started walking down the tracks rather than waiting in a hot, stifling train that was stalled. >> reporter: it was a rough way to end what had been a long, hot workday. these images show metro riders walking down the track, hauling their belongings in temperatures that hovered near 100 degrees. a metro transit police officer shows them how to avoid the third rail. 300 passengers were on the green line train when it lost power 200 yards short of the college park station. >> we were slowing too much. we were coasting. it was a bit hot. got stuffy. we just opened the center door to get circulation. >> reporter: the passengers estimate they sat on the train for 20 minutes before the decision to self evacuate. there were people with mobility problems aboard. once they arrived at the college park station they were met by police and metro employees who directed them to shuttle buses. >> after 45 minutes in the heat, babies, pregnant ladies, ol
may be displaced. jackie benson starts us off tonight. >> the blaze appears to have begun in a top floor apartment of the multihundred unit complex just across from the shopping center in woodbridge. the fire went to two then three and finally to four alarms. dozens of additional firefighters, most of them volunteers, were called to the scene. it was due to the heat. >> they'll come out of the fire. they'll take off their equipment, sit down, they'll get their hydration and someone else will go in, another crew will go in, and continue to work on the fire. >> special cooling fans were set up. the blaze consumed much of the roof of one cluster of buildings. it spread very quickly. >> my mom and dad was sleeping and we ran back to get them outside the house. >> i was at work and my sister called me and told me it was a lot of fire in the house. >> officials estimate that it was between 20 and 25 units are damaged here. moe most of them smoke and the water used to fight the fire. >> d.c. mayor finally got his power back on today after six days. the mayor returned from a trade mission
miles per hour when those storms came through. but, for us, as we said, when we showed you, flooding, the big story with the heavy rain. right now, we've got some flash flood warnings that remain throughout the area for the district of montgomery county and for western prince george's county. we open it up. you can see that whole line of storms still extending down towards fredericksburg to get a lot of lightning. rainfall amounts between one and two inches at times. wait until you see some of the rainfall amounts that i've got to show you coming up. a lot of amazing pictures behind me. this is a cloud around redwood, virginia. this is sent in from matt ray. see if you can guess what this is? think about it. i'll tell you coming up. >> veronica, thanks. so far, the storm has knocked out thousands. pepco is reporting more than 15,000 out right now. dominion has more than 1600 outages. virginia has 8800 outages. tonight's storm didn't cause nearly as much damage, but pepco is still under fire from last month. today, the montgomery koun till council railed against the utility for its li
involved. uber's ceo talked to us from san francisco. >> there is a last-minute amendment i didn't get until a few hours ago today. and it was clear that that amendment was designed to curb, you know, any kind of transportation -- any type of viable transportation alternative in d.c. >> earlier today hundreds of cab drivers protested outside the wilson building. they don't want the gps technology so the city can track where the cabs go and whether they take longer routes to inflate fares. >>> we are seeing video of the moment a microburst tore through a town in virginia. you can see the strength of the wind and the pounding rain. the wind ripped the roof off a cheer studio. the owner said two fathers led the kids into a reinforced part of the building. they were both injured and hospitalized. >> i saw it at the window. it was a funnel cloud and it took the garage door up into it. when the garage door went up the building collapsed. >> reporter: the roof landed on top of a nearby house damaging the fredericksburg area is expected to take weeks if not months to clean up. >>> now to the e
are accustomed and used to the aircraft around. >> we can't speculate on what could have happened. >> reporter: the ntsb will be here torment. i'm shomari stone, news4. >>> and more breaking news in woodbridge. firefighters battling a two alarm blaze. up to a dozen families have been forced out of their apartments tonight. one firefighter has minor injuries. investigators are still trying to figure out what sparked the fire. and our other story, the high heat tomorrow expected to be the hottest day of the week. veronica johnson is tracking the conditions. >> we hit a high temperature of 96 degrees. 96 yesterday. so we are smack dab in the middle of another heat wave. look at the temperatures today in the eastern two thirds of the nation. 100 degrees in denver. 98 in kansas city. the cool spot today, miami florida with a temperature of 86 degrees. the heat is expanding eastward again expected to be one of the hottest days of the year. we don't have any advisories right now but with the higher humidity, that could change. detroit, chicago, st. louis and cincinnati under a heat advisory. the humi
. darcie spencer is joining us live with more on what happened today. >> i checked in with the metro official just a short time ago, they still don't know what caused this computer problem earlier today. how to understand the impact of this or the magnitude. think about it this way, an air traffic control system mondayers all the planes in the sky. this computer system monitors all the trainings on the tracks. those trains disappeared from the computer screen. for at least 45 minutes saturday afternoon metro trains were grounded, held in place after a major computer system went down. >> it took an hour to get from pentagon city to chinatown, and that's half our day already just to get to ben's chili bowl. >> reporter: the problem affected computers at the operation control cen per it officials were unable to track the 44 trains in service. out of a concern for safety, all trains were directed to the closest station and held until the issue was resolved. officials are still trying to figure out what went wrong. >> on the weekends, it's not even worth it to take metro on the weekends u
's 2012 u.s. olympic team. gabby douglas, mckayla maroney, aly raisman, kyla ross, and jordyn wieber! >> what we're told is that the team, the four team women who competed here tonight are all back in the locker room. they have been told who the team is. and maybe what is going on right now is they're trying to decide if they still come out as a full team woman unit or not. or something even less dramatic, greater than the five. >> for all of them back there, this is the greater emotion than they most likely have ever experienced in their entire lives. these athletes have grown up together in the sport of gymnastics. they truly are good friends and for those that fell a little bit short, it is devastating, and they all want to be there to console and congratulate. this is america's team! ♪ >> i think they did it right. the committee got it right. and this team, they are undoubtedly the favorites to win gold come london time. >> and for both the men and the women, they have trained so hard together. they are committed, they are committed to going to london and making every effort to
in critical condition. and we're learning of acts of bravery and heroism. two men who used their bodies as shields to save the women they loved. these are some of the faces of those killed in the colorado movie theater massacre. aspiring sportscaster, a community college student, a graduate student, a recent high school graduate, alex sullivan, who died celebrating his 27th birthday, and navy petty officer third class, john larimar. >> i'm deeply saddened by the loss of petty officer larimar. he was a valued shipment and member of our team. and an extremely dedicated sailor. >> there were at least two couples torn apart by the tragedy. matt died while shielding his girlfriend from the gunman's bullets. >> they're devoted to each other. they have the sparkle of love in their eyes when they looked at each other. >> reporter: jansen says her boyfriend shoved her under a movie seat. blanc is now counted among the dead. >> he saved me and gave me the opportunity to live. he would have done it for anyone that day, the nearest person next to him, he would have been this person needs my help no
in manassas, manassas park and print william counties had to use alternate numbers. all of the their 911 services are supported by verizon. a spokesman for verizon says that the company had a failure in the central office in arlington. they had an impact on the primary and backup power supplies for the 911 call centers. they promise that failure will be the focus of discussions in the future. >>> still ahead tonight, another issue on the roads. but this had nothing to do with the storms. >>> a secret meeting in annapolis to keep the hope alive. >>> the private vehicles of a former d.c. councilman are about to go public. >>> a medical mystery [ female announcer ] the son of a single mom. proud father of two daughters. president obama knows that women being paid 77 cents on the dollar for doing the same work as men isn't just unfair... it hurts families. so the first law he signed was the lilly ledbetter fair pay act to help ensure that women are paid the same as men for doing the exact same work. because president obama knows that fairness for women means a stronger middle class for ameri
on using metro this weekend. this video shows the section of the green line tracks where the derailment is believed to have begun just before the tracks go into a tunnel prior to the west hyattsville station the rail on the right is bent. the third rail also appears to have been damaged. bottom line through sunday all metro trains will be forced to slow down to 35 miles an hour when they are above ground while investigators try to determine whether the blistering heat caused the bend often referred to as a heat kink. >> it's too early to make those determinations but in the days ahead we will take stock. >> reporter: heat kinks are not uncommon and have caused problems before. but this happened two days after passengers on this same green line self evacuated a malfunctioning train and walked to the college park station in the sun. now commuters spent another evening waiting for buss in 100 degree heat. >> it's so hot out here. >> hot and the fares just went up? >> reporter: this weekend's previously scheduled work on the green line, the track work has been cancelled so the investigation
an obstacle in the system. >> we don't know. the fact we had three in eight days is an alarm bell to us. >> reporter: the residents are growing more and more frustrated. >> the root of the problem is that d.c. water has an inadequate system in this area and failed to do anything about it. >> reporter: d.c. water was handing out the sandbags in the bloomingdale neighborhood and they are working to have backflow prevention valves installed in the homes. darcy spencer, news4. >>> there is a threat of more rain this weekend. veronica now will tell us how much and when. >> it's not looking as bad for the weekend. not looking like the rainfall amounts i was seeing earlier for the weekend. we will have rain coming in but much improved for us, including this evening it was improved with the moderate rain moving out and the heavier rain in the south. la plata .18 inches in gaithersburg .12 inch and andrews air force base nearly a quarter and nearly a half inch in annapolis. down through chesapeake beach off to the west we have moderate rains moving in. scattered storms to the west but we have mo
your moves using your cell phone. good evening, everyone. tonight we begin with a weather alert. storm in our area once again. chuck bell has the details. >> thanks, jim. another pretty busy day in the weather department with thunderstorms this afternoon. another round possible late this evening. had a severe thunderstorm in the shenandoah valley and the mountains of west virginia as recently as 25, 30 minutes ago. fortunately the storm is losing its punch as it comes east of the blue ridge. still some thunder and lightning moving in. at the pace they're going, they could be administration it just to the south of middleburg, to the north of marshall over by the next 30 to 40 minutes. that would put it potentially with thunder and line into the downtown metro area. not long after midnight, 1:00 in the morning. we'll have a more complete check of the forecast in a few minutes. >>> a crippling computer problem remains a mystery for metro technicians. service is back to normal now but twice in less than 24 hours this weekend, metro was stopped on its tracks leaving riders in a state of sus
and v streets in northwest. a viewer sent us these images, it's a familiar scene for people who were slammed with flooding for the second time in a week. here is the forecast to see what is next. >> we could see more thunderstorms, i think, around portions of the area tomorrow. but on radar right now, we are left with a few showers off to the west, west of winchester and down to areas of culpepper. they will fade as they move through. during the morning rush, i do not see us seeing anything. take a look at the rainfall totals. crownsville, maryland, over an inch of a rain. i'll step out of the way so you can see the totals. look at this image, sent from in from a viewer. the role cloud came in as the storms went eastward, we will take a look at some more amazing photos from today's severe weather coming up and what we can expect tomorrow. >> back to you. >> a man was in a hospital for almost a month after suffering a rare flesh eating bacteria, tonight, he is recovering at home and sharing his story only with us on news four. >> jim, this is the same rare disease involving other pati
the number of days we had at or above 100 in 1980. we could do it again tomorrow, giving us seven putting us in second place for the most 100 degree days. the temperatures are warm. 88 degrees right now. but because of how we rise tomorrow with the high humidity, the heat advisory for tomorrow and it could be stormy in the afternoon. >>> a prominent political analyst is in the hospital after a violent confrontation on capitol hill and it started after someone stole his iphone. shomari stone is live with more on this assault. >> reporter: right now i'm in the 7-eleven store where this originated. i talked to david mercer's friends who say he is in intensive care tonight. and police say it was all over an iphone similar to this one. >> reporter: david mercer walks into a 7-eleven on capitol hill at 10:00 last thursday night. the democratic party fundraiser who worked on presidential campaigns, talks on a cell phone and walks back and forth. he holds a red bag or rolled up t-shirt. he sets it on the counter and continues to talk on the phone. his iphone is set on the counter. the suspect takes
was shot after taking his teenaged daughters to the movie. they both survived. >> the girls told us as they were leaving theater, that he was yelling after them, i love you. >> questions continue to swirl about what will happen to the crime scene. some say it should be torn down and replaced by a memorial. that building is locked down at least until friday. as for the suspect, holmes remains in jail in solitary confinement and refusing to cooperate with the police. >>> investigators are trying to figure out why a man drowned in a few feet of water. police identified the victim as a 21-year-old of district heights. rescuers found him in a pond near the mistletoe apartments in laurel at 9:00 last night. >>> caught on tape but still on the loose. police are looking for suspects in a series of car dealership burglaries in the alexandria area. the group hit up three locations several times since february. in the most recent case the burglars stole a safe with cash in it. >>> penn state university football program faced a multiyear death penalty if the school did not accept the punishment
use the trail to do it with a partner or do it in the daytime. >> a customer's clash in the post office and one person pulls out a knife and stabs a guy. the confrontation happened in silver spring. police believe the argument was over somebody cutting in line. the postal employees stepped in using pepper spray. the suspect was arrested and the victim is expected to recover. >> to a warning for women filling up at the gas pump. there have been a series of purse snatchings. surveillance video shows the crooks grabbing purses through car windows. police are telling people to keep a close eye on valuables. >> a pregnant woman drowned during the vacation in the outer banks this week. the victim's husband is still in the hospital after he failed in his attempt to save her. >> reporter: jill shanay was a second grade teacher at this d.c. school for the hearing impaired. friends and family say her life was about serving others. it was supposed to be a vacation on the outer banks for this d.c. couple expected their first child. a baby girl named olive. >> just had to put together. >> rep
. the alleged gunman ready to appear for the first time in court tomorrow. jay gray starts us off tonight from aurora, colorado. >> reporter: the turnout for the memorial was overwhelming. some estimates say more than 10,000 gathered to remember and honor victims of at take. tonight, a shattered city. struggles to begin picking up the pieces. >> the pain is still raw. the healing yet to begin. >> thousands gather ford a city wide memorial in aurora, united for the first time since the massacre. >> tonight is a time to honor those who died as heroes. >> bound together by the tragedy. >> we will remember. >> reporter: the strength that comes in numbers not enough to overcome pain and raw emotions from so much and so many lost. earlier in the day, president obama shared the sorrows and compassion of the nation, with survivors and families of the victims. >> i had a chance to give folks some hugs. and to shed some tears. >> reporter: it has been difficult for aurora police as well. including the officer who tried unsuccessfully to save the youngest victim, 6-year-old veronica moser. >> i have met
the blistering heat. >> it is hot and muggy. we're from phoenix. muggy is getting us very hot. >> i had to go inside to get me some cool air. >> reporter: the folk festival still drew a crowd. for some, it meant staying out of direct sun. >> it is boiling hot, so i just drink a lot and bring my own shade. >> reporter: that's a great idea, to bring along your own shade like an umbrella. tomorrow isn't expected to be much better, so again, if you're heading out, make sure you take plenty of water. reporting live from resten, darcie spencer, news 4. >> just what you need, darcie, if you're going to stay out there. >> some people are sufficienting in all this heat without electricity and air conditioning. still pepco says it's just a handful of outages left from last weekend's storm, there are 21 outages that are heat related. beg has 200 outages remaining from the storm. dominion's website has just over 500 outages listed at last check. >>> most people who lost power because of last week's storms now have it back. one with group of residents are still in the dark. the people in this building spe
who stand with us here this afternoon is an example of this generation of heroes. >> are troops in afghanistan honored service members killed during the war. a large cake was served. in australia marines celebrated with a barbecue in darwin and played softball with members of australia's second cavalry. >> do you know who won? >> i don't know. >>> how are the storms doing? >> they are calming down. a lot of people scared now about storms moving in. after the derecho on friday and 1.5 million people that lost power any time we mention storms a lot of people are saying how strong are the storms? let me say this, we will not see another derecho like that maybe in our lifetime. there have been strong storms across the area. outside right now a look at the full moon or just about. this is a live shot out there around the american university campus. not a bad night out there right now. we saw things cool off in a few locations. but around the district still very, very warm out there. we need the wind to cool us off. the storm 4 radar showing you where the storms have been. we say hail
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